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Smart Menu

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Smart Menu Service?

With Smart Menu Service you can create your Restaurant or Cafe’s Menu simply with your Smart Phone , Ipad, Laptop or Desktop. Create your Menu, design it, and upload Meals’s Pictures, then you can easily generate your QR code, print it out, paste it where ever you want, in restaurant’s main door, or restaurant’s tables or even in reception. Your customers then can simply read your QR code throw their smart phone Camera (They don’t need to install any application in their phone) and they can explore your up to date Menu safely.

Can I edit / modify my Menu after publishing?

Yes! that's exactly one of the main benefits of Smart Menu. It allows you to save your money, save environment from coping paper and Brochure every times you want to Add/Delete/Update a new meal or modify your prices.

Will my customers need any App to be installed in their Phone in order to read my menu ?

No! They should only to scan your QR code throw their smart phone's Camera, and then your menu will appear in their phone.

How many categories, Meals, and dishes can I upload to my Menu ?

Unlimited! As much as you want.

Do I need any coding skills?

No. Smart Menu has a very simple interfaces. Just create your main Categories, assign Meals and Dishes to each category, and you are done. You can now generate your QR code which allow your customers to access your Menu.

How will my Menu look like?

You can design the main items of your menu by yourself. and you can preview your menu before publishing it. You can take a look by using our Demo Menu.

Can I request a special design for my Menu?

Sure! contact us and we will design something special for you with extra charge.

Can I cancel my subscription with your service ?

Yes. If you choose to subscribe annually with Smart Menu, then your subscription will be canceled automatically after one year by default. If you want to renew your subscription, or to change to "Life" plan then simply contact us to do so.

How can I get support ?

Simply contact us per Phone, Email, or our contact form and will be happy to help you and give you the requested support within 24 hours.

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